Koren Siddur – Pulpit Size – Ashkenaz


Publisher: Koren Publications

Translated and with commentary by Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, Cheif Rabbi of the British Commonwealth

Koren Publishers of Jerusalem and the Orthodox Union, announce with great pride a new Hebrew and English daily Siddur to be published in the Spring of 2009. This edition of The Koren Siddur has been completely typeset anew for maximum clarity and legibility. Teams of Rabbis, scholars and designers from Israel, North America and Britain have worked for almost three years, updating and researching every subtlety of the Hebrew text. Rabbinical experts and gabbaim have reviewed all the halachic issues and the nuances that distinguish prayer in Israel from prayer in the diaspora. Proudly reflecting the centrality of Israel, the Siddur contains prayers for the Jewish state, its soldiers, and its
celebratory days.

With a poetic English translation and illuminating commentary by the outstanding teacher of English-speaking Jewry today, Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, this Siddur will inspire new heights of prayerful devotion for 21st century Jews.

“Every page is a pleasure to the eye. The layout conveys dignity and depth, and the subtleties of text and design will move us, sometimes unconsciously, to feelings and intuitions that are novel, pleasing and uplifting. Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks offers us words of introduction and explanation, commentary, and an exquisite grasp of the poetry of prayer.” -Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, Executive Vice President, Orthodox Union

Hardcover. Extra-Large Size (8¾″ × 13¼″) Reader’s Edition, with large and clear typography.

This edition offers a unique elegant binding option, bound in burgundy bonded leather. List price: $399.00. For more information or to place an order, please contact us.


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